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We are committed to a high standard of integrity which is expected of every employee and in every country where we do business.

With hard work and a clear commitment from Hitachi Energy’s top management at headquarters and across our regions and businesses, Hitachi Energy has seen the positive impact that a robust compliance and integrity program and a strong culture of integrity can have on the long-term success and sustainability of our company.

Integrity is a top priority at Hitachi Energy

We have developed and implemented a systematic approach designed to prevent, detect, and resolve any potential integrity concerns. This is supported by tools and processes and a zero tolerance policy for any violations. Our integrity program has created an environment where all of our employees can be open about identifying risks, asking questions, and raising concerns.

More about our commitment

Integrity leadership involves every dimension at Hitachi Energy

At Hitachi Energy, integrity begins with leadership, responsibility and accountability. The tone from the top is clear: we are committed to integrity and we walk away from non-compliant business. Recurring integrity messages from our CEO and other senior leaders in videos, articles and letters, serve to reinforce our commitment to doing business without breaking the rules. 

But integrity leadership does not stop at the top. Our integrity program relies on local management to lead by example. All local business unit managers have to regularly lead discussions about integrity issues to ensure that the ethics message comes from the same person that sets the business targets: integrity is the business of the business. 

With support from top leadership, local leadership, committed integrity resources, and partner resources (like Human Resources and Sustainability Affairs) throughout the company, we are able to foster a strong and sincere culture of integrity.