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What are EnCompass Agreements?

Service is our commitment to the world’s largest existing installed base and the future of the energy system.
We recognize that the energy transition begins with existing infrastructure.

Leveraging a century of experience and expertise, our dedicated team delivers exceptional service solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of your assets, helping to ensure resilient operations that work to reduce OPEX costs, while mitigating system risk.

EnCompass is our portfolio of partnership-oriented service offerings, signalling a step-change in lifecycle thinking.

Encompass Agreements are a set of services that provide premium access to round-the-clock support, covering your products and systems and are enhanced with the ability to customize the level of support needed to meet your strategic goals.

As a partner of choice, we offer expertise at every stage of the process, addressing both present and future needs to help you achieve a sustainable and secure energy future, whether that be through a stand-alone support plan, or a bundle of tailor-made service agreements.

Superior lifecycle performance with EnCompass Agreement

successful electrical engineers taking machine readings in substation

Assess & Secure

As grid experts, we offer insight on existing assets, advise on best practices, and assess investment plans to improve the outlook of returns.
Professional Mechanical Engineer team Working on Personal Computer at Metal lathe industrial manufacturing factory. Engineer Operating  lathe Machinery. Product quality Inspection

Train & Develop

We deliver training on our products & systems, supporting customers in the lifecycle management of their investments.
Two maintenance engineers inspect relay protection system with laptop computer. Bay control unit. Medium voltage switchgear

Parts & Maintain

We help customers sustainably run their operations by ensuring the reliability of the electrical grid and its elements. 

EnCompass Agreements types

EnCompass Frame

Frame Agreements for fast procurement of services

When time is critical, EnCompass Frame is your vehicle for faster and easier access to services you need now.

What does EnCompass Frame provide you with?

Accelerated response

Simplified administration

Financial security

Established point of contact

Continuous technical assistance

EnCompass Service 

Service Agreements for our full-service portfolio

Your agreement of choice to ensure that your energy system performance requirements are fulfilled now and in the future.

What does EnCompass Service provide you with?

EnCompass Frame Benefits

Priority expert assistance

Established On-Site reponse

Single point of contract management

Customizable services

Benefit from better energy excellence

Faster and easier access

Increase productivity with easier and faster access to our portfolio of integrated and scala-ble services.

Superior lifecycle performance

Designed with maximum flexibility to deliver a customized program to exceed your energy system requirements and support you in achieving superior performance across your product lifecycle​.

Better leverage insights

Continuously leverage and utilize our expertise in technology, sustainability, and resilience to realize your energy system of the future​. 

360 view

Optimize business processes by reducing repetitive tasks and support decision-making and troubleshooting via virtual and remote assistance, analytics, monitoring and consulting.

Realize the energy system of the future​

EnCompass Agreements can help foster new sustainable partnerships through accelerating collaboration and co-creation by seeking new and better ways of thinking and fostering a holistic, ecosystem mindset across your stakeholders/business. 

EnCompass Agreements

Driving energy excellence together

Partnering with Hitachi Energy for success

We share the same goal – your success.

Our team provide personalized and expert advice at every stage of the process that addresses both your present and future needs.

Choosing Hitachi Energy and EnCompass Agreements are the first step on a journey towards a sustainable energy future, where secure, innovative and tailored service solutions await. 

Together, we will shape a more sustainable world for generations to come.

Your service partner - for today and tomorrow.

To find out more about which services and additional offerings would be best for your organization, please get in touch with our team.