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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Hitachi Energy


Diversity + Collaboration = Great Innovation

At Hitachi Energy, we live by this powerful equation.

Together with customers and partners, we are advancing a sustainable energy future for all. We will only recognize this future when everyone has a seat at the table in an inclusive, collaborative culture.

That’s why we created Diversity 360.




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What is Diversity 360 and how will we achieve this vision? 

Diversity 360 is our vision which ensures diversity, equity and inclusion are at the core of our long-term business success. We believe in the power of diversity of thought and that it’s everyone’s job to build a workplace that fosters it. That’s why we have four cross-functional workstreams that aim to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion into the very fabric of our culture. 


Our Leadership Pillars

With this structure, leaders are held accountable for integrating diversity, equity and inclusion into how we hire, grow and develop our talent. Leaders are the engine behind diversity of thought and play an important role in shaping our environment.


Our Leadership Pillars


Leaders Connect

Over the course of nine months, we brought together 500+ colleagues representing 28 nationalities, in 10 countries, and all levels to help us understand how our people want to be led.

The result is our unique leadership framework which we call Our Leadership Pillars.

Katie Vuille talks leadership at Hitachi Energy

Meet Katie as she shares more about her leadership journey and what it’s like to work at Hitachi Energy.

“At Hitachi Energy, we are championing the urgency of a clean energy transition, through innovation and collaboration. There are many pathways towards a carbon-neutral future – to tackle this global challenge, we nurture diverse global teams bringing authentic passion and enduring ownership.”

Claudio Facchin, CEO Hitachi Energy