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Professional Mechanical Engineer team Working on Personal Computer at Metal lathe industrial manufacturing factory. Engineer Operating  lathe Machinery. Product quality Inspection

Train & Develop

Knowledge and expertise, delivered​

Knowledge, and keeping up the skills and competency level in your company is crucial to remain competitive. Hitachi Energy provides comprehensive training for engineers, operators, programmers and maintenance personnel, including up-to-date technical expertise and support for a full range of products, systems and applications.​

A variety of packages are available to increase your teams know-how and ensure smooth operation without interruption. Our standard courses and regular training seminars typically cover general theory, application, assembly, installation, commissioning, operation, testing, and maintenance.​

Energy services Training includes theoretical and hands-on training sessions designed to provide your operation and maintenance personnel with the skills they need to maximize the reliability, productivity and safety of their systems.​

We provide standard energy solutions training packages or made-to-order, held at Hitachi Energy facilities worldwide, at your own sites and online.