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Hydrogen Solutions

Advancing a sustainable energy future for the green hydrogen sector

Electricity will be the backbone of our sustainable energy future, with green hydrogen energy solutions complementing direct electrification to enable our net-zero society.

Green hydrogen will decarbonize both current and new hydrogen applications, especially in hard to abate sectors such as metals, fertilizers, chemicals, and oil and gas processes to lower their carbon footprint, whilst also electrifying remote construction sites and providing clean backup power where it is needed.  

Full value chain coverage

Hitachi Energy is present in the full hydrogen value chain from early-stage project origination, due diligence and planning to grid connection and asset management. 

Futureproof design and technology roadmap

Optimized solutions and technology for your projects where availability, efficiency and footprint are key and equip you with a holistic lifecycle approach.

Making Hydrogen an affordable energy carrier

Maximize your ROI and de-risk projects leading to production of cost competitive Hydrogen.

Partnership & collaboration

Accelerating Hydrogen supply chain is only possible through efficient collaborations that build the foundation for new business models and innovative solutions.

Clean hydrogen energy concept. Environment, eco friendly industry and alternative energy. Climate friendly energy solution in the future for net zero target. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Seizing ‘clean hydrogen’ projects in North America: How pioneers struggle and succeed


We are focusing on developing innovative products, solutions and services that harness green hydrogen for a decarbonized future, which will enable a clean energy transition for our customers and partners.    


We have unparalleled expertise from early-stage project origination, due diligence and planning, through to ensuring grid compliance, power conversion systems and enabling holistic electrolyzer power supply optimization.


Techno-economical advisory services

Expert technical consulting​


Grid to Stacks power supply solutions

Energy security and power quality 


Maximize business case and revenues through optimized operations solutions


Unlock the power of hydrogen and power your assets with clean energy using our hydrogen power generators as a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil fuel generators. Built to decarbonize sectors and applications such as remote construction sites and provide clean backup power, these movable and stationary generators are fully configured to match your specific energy and power requirements!


Delivers power and heat emission-free


Easy to be lifted and relocated


Plug and play product optimized for ease of use


Meets your specific power demands


Covers a wide range of applications, options and networks


Developed in Europe according to applicable standards
Hydrogen renewable energy production - hydrogen gas for clean electricity solar and windturbine facility. 3d rendering.

RFNBOs: Decoding the details could bring billions of Euros’ support for renewable energy

Gambia Mangroves. Aerial view of mangrove forest in Gambia. Photo made by drone from above. Africa Natural Landscape.

Hitachi Energy is leading the advancement of a sustainable, flexible and secure energy system.

Let’s work together for an efficient and reliable energy future.