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Data Center Energy Solutions

Data centers are the engines that manage, process, and store the masses of data that are produced every single day.

As we live more of our lives online, connect to the latest devices, and begin to utilize the possibilities of AI generation, data center traffic will continue to increase.

To keep up with this demand and global net zero ambitions, hyperscale and colocation organizations require sustainable, flexible and secure power solutions that will help them achieve their sustainability goals and drive them towards carbon neutrality.

The immense demand for digital and cloud applications, together with rapid growth of AI technologies is causing data centers to become much larger and consume more electricity than ever before. Achieving 2030 Sustainability targets set by Data Centers will be a challenge, but a challenge we can overcome together. 

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Global Solution Manager - Data centers


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A sustainable energy future is in your control

We secure reliable power with an integrated eco-friendly design so that a sustainable data center future is in your control.

As a global partner, customers trust us to locally integrate the right technology and services to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and scale in-line with their requirements.

As data centers look to renewable energy to power their operations, we have an extensive solutions portfolio. From integrating renewable energy sources, to capturing excess energy with battery energy storage solutions (BESS) and utilizing microgrids to create a local, energy ecosystem, we’ve built our reputation on solving real-world challenges.


Smart and sustainable solutions help customers drive toward net zero operations.


Clean and modular design options reduce project footprint and support faster deployment.

Bridging the gap between the grid and data centers

Modular data center designs benefit sustainability goals as they can be easily deployed and repeated through standardized prefabricated grid connection solutions, supporting fast and efficient deployments.

Our integrated and sustainable designs can help make adding compute capacity faster, flexible and more energy-efficient while supporting projects being delivered on time and within budget.

With full scope IT and OT capabilities, world-class cybersecurity and data protection, and tailored service options, Hitachi Energy is the partner of choice.

The value we bring to data centers around the world


Secured data environment


24/7 availability at the start of the operation


Innovative carbon negative concepts


Prefabricated and repeatable design


Operational support at your fingertips


Around-the-clock access to online services
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