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Electrification in Metals Industries


The metal industry is one of the most energy intensive out of all heavy industries as energy is consumed at all stages within metal production.

As the world looks towards more sustainable and smarter solutions, our diverse portfolio will ensure you remain connected to the grid without disturbances whilst also positively impacting worker safety, productivity and overall efficiencies.

Your challenges in a changing energy landscape

There are a growing number of challenges across every production point of the supply chain from worker safety, reduction in CO2, the energy transition of power plants, through to reducing OPEX and CAPEX costs.

Worker safety

Assurance of day-to-day production continuity, personnel management, supply chain logistics, predicting and handling electricity interruptions and 24/7 support.

ROI on asset investment

Monitor and manage energy consumption and promote sustainable and efficient practices with insight gathered through an energy management system (EMS).

Smart energy solutions, real business intelligence

Innovative technologies and solutions are needed to handle aging infrastructures, manage rising energy costs, increase efficiencies and promote the safety of your workforce.

Digitalization for metal industry energy solutions enable the alignment and automation of both supply and warehouse logistics. End-to-end digitalization connects market data, optimizes costs and increases profitability to empower your organization with sustainable, safe and efficient metal production at all stages.

Incorporating data and analytics not only works to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs but by integrating and automating your disparate systems, you’ll benefit from a much more efficient and profitable operation.

Improved operational efficiency

Decreased energy used per kiloton of metal produced

Reduced overall energy cost

Ensuring output production of the highest quality

HVDC identiQ

Support operational maintenance with digital twin technology.

Equip workers with remote insight and access to ensure your operations remain up and running as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.


Hear from our customers

Looking towards a sustainable energy future for your metal industry?

Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, electrifying processes and integrating renewable energy sources into the power mix will help reduce CO2 emissions.