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Meet Our People Brazil 13-10-2021

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The Almeida Family, Brazil

My name is Valter de Almeida. I currently work as a Coil Winder for Power Transformers in Guarulhos and have been part of the Hitachi Energy team for 45 years—beginning from when it was still an ABB, then into Hitachi ABB Power Grids, until what it is today. I am blessed to be with my two sons, Anderson and Vladisson and granddaughter Milena to remarkably make us three generations of the Almeida family in this company.


Our family had witnessed and actively taken part in many of the moments and milestones in this company's history. 

 I am proud that my sons and I had the opportunity to work together in bringing reliable sources of electricity through our part in making the Madeira River Hydroelectric Complex a reality, and thus, making four members of the Almeida family actively contribute to the success of Brazil’s energy future, with the work we have here at Hitachi Energy.

The beginning of a family journey

I started as a Painting Assistant at Asea in 1976, a company that joined ABB years later. Being self-determined combined with years of training, I eventually joined the winding team. In my 45 years in the company, I can say that I have achieved a lot personally and professionally.

During this period, I remember incredible moments, such as my two trips to Sweden, the first in 1988 and the second in 1998.

Family at work

Which child is not curious to know where their parents work and what they do? That's how my sons, Anderson and Vladisson, had their first contact with the company. When they were still kids, I used to bring them inside the Guarulhos facility for football matches at the unit court on weekends. They were also present at the year-end parties at the factory.

Today, my oldest son, Anderson has been with the company for 21 years. He started as a Production Trainee and worked his way to become a Transformer Assembler. He remained in the Quality area for a time, and now to be promoted as Production Leader. ​

My second son, Vladisson has been working with us for 16 years. He started in the active part and then was transferred to the final assembly, same sector as his brother. Currently, he is a Transformer Assembler A.​ His daughter, Milena is on a 2-year young apprentice program here and is working from home involved in corporate functions.


"Our father means everything to us. For 21 years I have been following his dedication and commitment to activities, with the same grit as 45 years ago. He's one of the first to arrive every day. He is very responsible and always available to help," Anderson points out.

I am proud to be a reference of dedication and commitment to my family through my work.