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Features Zurich, Switzerland 25-08-2021

2 min read

Transcending boundaries at Learning Carnival 2021 in South Asia

The first-ever learning carnival took place in the South Asia region as a milestone event to embrace a growth mindset and explore new ideas. Aligned with Diversity 360, the three-day event held on August 5, 10, and 12 had over 1,200 employees each day, with a majority attending three to seven of the 32 sessions offered across the three days. With attendees and facilitators coming together from across the world, the event was widely appreciated.

In perpetuating the lifelong learning culture, the carnival sought to raise awareness of the wealth of resources available within the organization. Online sessions and resources were divided into four themes (power of us, share to care, going digital, and stride to excel) focused on learning through collaboration, personal and professional development, and available digital learning platforms. Recordings of the sessions and other resources are available on the Learning Carnival page on Power.

The inaugural session was attended by over 2,400 employees who interacted with a panel consisting of N Venu, Managing Director for India and head of South Asia region, Stephanie Ratzel, Global Head of Talent and Learning, and DongLi Li, Global Lead for Learning and Development. 

Four other panel discussions on critical topics like future skills and achieving carbon neutrality in the region were widely attended. Thirty-six facilitators covered various topics covering business and functions, giving employees insight into other areas of the company and highlighting opportunities for collaboration. External facilitators provided insights into professional and personal development topics such as striking balance with emotional intelligence and mindset to unleash creativity. 

“We never stop learning. Achieving a lifelong learning culture takes time as we learn, unlearn and relearn. The Learning Carnival was effective as a platform to allow many of our people to explore topics, ideas, habits, and new interests. The momentum created here will help us to achieve a truly diverse and inclusive workplace”, said N Venu, Head of the South Asia region.